Pick-and-pack services and eCommerce businesses work side by side to cater to a broader audience. Due to the efficient working of pick and pack companies, eCommerce businesses can deliver their products even to the remotest places on the globe. Though we've all heard of pick and pack, we still are unaware of what they are or how they work.

This article shall provide the necessary answers to all your queries regarding pick and pack logistics. Read on to know more-

Q1. What Is a Pick and Pack Service?

A pick-and-pack service is an order fulfilment service in which individual items are picked from inventory and then packed together to create an order. Businesses that sell products online often use this service, as it can be difficult and time-consuming to fulfil orders manually.

In the pick-and-pack method, customer orders are picked out and placed immediately into a shipping box. This approach does away with repacking items for delivery, speeding the packing process. E-commerce merchants typically use pick-and-pack fulfilment to deliver small items.

Q2. How Does a Pick and Pack Service Work?

Pick and pack logistics work with eCommerce businesses to streamline their order fulfilment process. First, you'll need to send your inventory to the pick and pack provider. Once your stock arrives, the provider will store it in their warehouse. Then the following processes happen once the customer places an order-

Receive the Order

You begin order fulfilment when you get an order request. The software sources the item after a consumer places an order, creates a packing slip, and designates the item to be picked up from inventory. The volume, delivery date and time, customer name and address, and other details about the order are on the packing slip.

Pick the Order

Picking up the item(s) from inventory comes after receiving the order request. A warehouse employee in charge of stock collects the packing slip and selects the ordered item from the shelf.

Pack the Order

Once the workers pick up all the ordered items, they are ready to be packed. One of the most crucial aspects of the procedure is packing. If done correctly, the likelihood of eCommerce returns is negligible.

Ship the Order

After packaging, now it's time to ship the order. The orders are sent to the loading area once they have been chosen and packed at inventory. Drivers show up to collect them and transfer them from the warehouse to the customer from there.

Q3. What Are the Different Methods of Pick and Pack Fulfilment?

To successfully fulfil orders, eCommerce companies can choose from four main pick-and-pack techniques. Your pick-and-pack procedures could vary as you expand and scale up your business. With the proper pick and pack system, you can lower costs, increase efficiency, and please your consumers.

Piece Picking: Workers get the packing slip and pick the particular product from the shelf in the piece-picking method. Later they send it packing.

Batch Picking: When the distribution and warehousing company stores the inventory according to the product line, it becomes easier for the workers to pick them up in batches and send them for packaging. In the batch-picking method, workers usually pick the products in batches because the company has a high production line and experiences bulk purchases.

Zone Picking: Here, the pick and pack fulfilment service organise the products according to zones, and there are designated workers for each area. It increases the pace of picking the product since the workers are aware of their spaces. By far, zone picking is the most efficient way of pick and pack service, and it caters well to large quantities.

Wave Picking: When the pick and pack services combine batch and zone picking, it becomes the wave picking method. Here the workers pick a product from a specific zone and then hand it to the next area until it reaches the packaging stage.

Q4. What Are the Benefits of Using a Pick and Pack Service?

There are several benefits associated with using a pick-and-pack service. First, it can save you time. Fulfilling orders takes a lot of time, especially if you're doing it yourself or have a small team. By outsourcing fulfilment to a pick-and-pack provider, you can free up time to focus on other aspects of your business.

In addition, using a pick-and-pack service can help improve your customers' experience. When orders reach the customers quickly and accurately, they are more satisfied with their purchase and are more likely to shop with you again in the future. Also, pick and pack fulfilment uses software to track inventory, receive orders, print shipping labels etc. Therefore they shall inform the eCommerce business owners in the case of low stock, and they can bring in inventory in time to avoid any dispatch delays.

Another key benefit of having a pick-and-pack service in Australia or worldwide is that it can lower the operating cost of a business to a large extent. Companies do not have to arrange for storage areas, saving a large sum. Similarly, shipping individually can be significantly costlier than sending it along with a large shipment.


Are you considering using a pick-and-pack service for your business? If so, this blog post has answered some of your questions.

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