Outsourcing electronic device manufacturing to specialists is a solution many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) choose to avoid costly investment in building a production infrastructure from scratch. Yet, such collaboration can only be efficient if there is a proper relationship between the two sides. While it is obvious communication is the basis, some of its details still require explanation.

Defining responsibilities and production schedule

Any project is under serious threat if there are no established specifications, objectives and roles. The same is true for using electronics manufacturing services (EMS) or contract electronics manufacturing (CEM).

On the one hand, it is necessary to look for an EMS provider who is honest about one’s production capacities, technologies and services, which will allow an OEM to understand what assistance they can really get from their partner.

On the other hand, original equipment manufacturers themselves should be transparent about their expectations so that they can be met by service providers.

The two most important points that require detailed discussion between an EMS provider and OEM are the responsibilities of the Contract electronics manufacturers (CEM) and the production schedule. Meanwhile, it is a responsibility of an OEM to supply a service provider with the necessary documentation, determine materials as well as preferable suppliers and choose desired quality tests.

Regular contact with provider of Contract electronic manufacturing (CEM) services

A great approach to building your relationship with an electronics manufacturing service provider is keeping in touch on a regular basis rather than limiting communication to giving orders. Actually, such cooperation should be viewed as partnership.

It is important to understand, original equipment manufacturers can learn a lot about the practical realisation of their projects, which is invaluable for future product optimisation. Professional companies such as Assel are eager to provide their clients with all of the necessary information.

Open communication between OEM and EMS provider

To be able to enjoy the full potential of your cooperation with a chosen provider of electronics manufacturing services, it is essential for you to analyse whether the assistance you are receiving is satisfactory. In case you have any concerns or doubts, you should communicate them clearly. This will give a chance to your EMS provider to address any problems. Remember that this feedback is vital for ensuring the final product you will get will meet your requirements.

Cost-effective production with trustworthy EMS provider

It is difficult to build a strong relationship without trust, albeit there is nothing surprising in the fact many OEMs are quite careful about sharing certain details with their contractor manufacturers. Assel has been supporting original equipment manufacturers for almost half a century and has gained an excellent reputation. You can find more information about the offer on asselems.com.