Bike sharing programs were first introduced over 50 years ago, but are still increasing in popularity to this day. In cities like London, many commuters choose to use a bike instead of a car or public transportation to reach their destinations, since it’s a cheaper and often faster way of traversing the city. But are city bikes really better than cars? Let’s take a look at their advantages!

What are the advantages of using a city bike?

7 years ago, we only had about 1 million publicly accessible bikes worldwide. 5 years ago, there were already 16 million city bikes in China alone. Today, we have cities like Amsterdam and Copenhagen that reach over 30% of bicycle usage.

There are tons of advantages of bike sharing schemes, including flexible transportation, reduction in emissions, health benefits for the cyclists, and the ability to skip traffic almost instantly. There are also tons of financial savings for cyclists, simply because owning a bicycle is much cheaper than owning a car, and you don’t have to worry about fuel consumption or parking fees.

Is London a bike-friendly city?

When it comes to statistics, London is still behind other major European cities like Hamburg, Berlin, or Paris - but the situation is improving every year, with more and more commuters switching to city bikes and cycle schemes.

There are many factors that make can make a city bike-friendly, including:

  • Weather
  • Infrastructure
  • Availability of sharing schemes, bicycle shops, and rental stations

London offers over 400 km of bike lanes and paths for cyclists to utilize, both for commuting and for simply going out for an enjoyable ride. The Thames Valley Parkway is one of the most beautiful bike roads in the city, spanning over 40 km long.

When it comes to weather, London can be unpleasant - but good gear and a quality bike will allow you to cycle in any weather. There are tons of fix-it stations in London, allowing cyclists to quickly pump a flat tire, fix a bike chain, and do other general repairs wherever they go.

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