Good thing you hired a security guard for your property! It’s a great decision, but did you make sure he is equipped right?

If a security guard isn’t well equipped, it will not be safe for you, your property, or the guard himself.

It is a huge responsibility to protect people and property. So, if you have an under-equipped security guard for your business premises, the threat is still there. In order to effectively mitigate this risk of breaking in or other criminal activities, you must ensure that your guard has all the essential tools at his disposal.

Here are those 10 essential tools that every security guard should have. With these tools, it is nothing but adding another layer of protection for your assets and people.

So, does your security guard have these tools?

1. A Flashlight

A flashlight is the first essential tool for any security guard. A flashlight allows you to see in dark areas, which is important for spotting potential security risks. It can also be used to signal for help if necessary.

Of course, it is important during night duties. But it is no less important during the day. Imagine if your security guard runs into trouble in a dimly lit room or area; this flashlight is what he would need.

2. A Walkie-Talkie

A walkie-talkie is a handheld radio that allows you to communicate with other security guards or staff members on the property. This tool is especially useful for security guards at events. Using this, the guards can coordinate security efforts and respond to emergencies immediately.

3. A Baton

There is a wide range of defence equipment your security guard can have—batons, pepper sprays, guns, etc. These tools offer protection against criminal attacks, so they are very important, especially in high-threat areas.

In any mishappening on the premises, the guard can use a baton or pepper spray as a defensive weapon, if necessary. Apart from the attacks, having these tools alone will help deter potential criminals or intruders.

4. A First Aid Kit

A security guard or not, every office and home must have a first aid kit. A first aid kit is crucial for treating minor injuries that may occur on the property. It can also be used to assist in a medical emergency.

For example, the injured person can have emergency treatment before the ambulance arrives. It cannot be emphasised enough.

5. A Whistle

The next tool on the security guard equipment checklist is a whistle. A whistle can be used to signal others for help in an emergency.

It is also useful to deter potential criminals or intruders by making noise and attracting attention to the area.

6. A Notebook and Pen:

A notebook and pen are necessary for taking notes and documenting incidents on the property. This information can be used to improve security procedures and investigate any incidents.

7. A Digital Camera

Another tool your security guard needs is a digital camera. It allows for documenting incidents or crimes that occur on the property. In crucial cases, this information can be used as evidence in court or to claim insurance.

8. Binoculars

Binoculars allow you to see long distances. If your business is in a vast area, you should ensure your security personnel have binoculars with them.

It helps monitor large properties or keep an eye out for potential threats from a distance.

9. A Cell Phone:

Though there are two-way radios available for quick communication, the guard also needs a mobile phone. The security officer can save important contact on a speed dial for quick connection.

Especially with smartphones today, we can ensure better protection through different apps and interactions. For example, the officer can use it for night patrols or for reporting an incident on the site.

In short, a cell phone helps to stay in contact with other staff members, call for help in an emergency, and document incidents with photos and videos.

10. Heavy-Duty Belt

Finally, your security guard will need a heavy-duty belt, to carry all the tools on this list securely. This belt will help the guard to be organised in his daily activities.

Final Say

As a security guard, it is important to have the right tools at your disposal so that you can effectively do your job and keep people safe.

By having a flashlight, walkie-talkie, baton, pepper spray, first aid kit, whistle, set of keys, notebook and pen, digital camera, binoculars, and cell phone, you will be prepared for anything that comes your way.

Apart from these tools, there is also one other necessary item you must have while on duty—it’s the right clothing. It includes high-visibility clothing, boots, and a bulletproof vest, if necessary.

  • High-visibility clothing helps in alerting criminals as well as keeping the guards safe.
  • The bulletproof vest absorbs the blow from shrapnel or bullets.
  • Boots create comfort in different kinds of areas.

With the help of all these tools, a security guard protects your safety. So, verify if your guard has at least some of these tools on him while performing the duty. It is necessary for the safety of you, your premises, and the security guard himself.

We hope this guide helped you in recruiting a well-equipped security guard. Once you find a reliable security services company, all things will be taken care of by the company itself. One recommendation is Aligned Security Force.

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